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Since the opening in 1993, our library has continuously made efforts to be a place loved by residents of Seosan.

Every member of our library strives to make it as a place leading the development of the community and promoting life-long education in local residents, and provide local residents with latest and valuable information in the prompt manner.

The Chungcheongnam-do Seosan’s Education Office Support Haemi Library will do its best to serve local residents with a wide collection of information and data, various life-long education opportunities for raising the quality of life, and a pleasant atmosphere for reading.

We truly appreciate your affection and interest in our library.

Thank you.

2017. 07. 03
Han Gyeong-Suk, A Director of the Chungcheongnam-do Seosan’s Education Office Support Haemi Library


  • History 1992’s
  • History 2019’s
1992's ~ 2019's history
2019. 03. 01 Changed the name to Chungcheongnamdo Seosan Office of Education Haemi Public Library
2013. 08. 20 Remodeled inside of the library
2009. 12. 03 Awarded as an excellent institution for national courier service for the disabled
2004. 12. 29 Awarded as an excellent institution for educational administration service
2003. 12. 16 Selected as an excellent institution of Lifelong learning
2002. 03. 01 Opened multimedia material room
2000. 03. 01 Designated Lifelong learning center in Seosan Region
1993. 02. 07 Opened Seosan Hasemi Library (431-1 Banyang-ri, Haemimyeon)
1992. 11. 17 Accredited Seosan Hasemi Library establishment

Overview of Haesmi Library

Material Status

Material Status

(As of December 31. 2019.) [unit : volume, piece ]

Material Status info
Classification Books Nonbook Total
General Books Children Books Total DVD e-Book Audio Book Total
No. of Materia 39,020 33,827 72,847 1,546 1,426 71 3,043 75,890

Facility status

  • Building : 1,174.5㎡ (2F, B1)
  • Area : 2,450㎡
Floor Plans
Floor Plans info
Floor Room No. of Room Seating Capacity Description
1F Administrative Room 1 room   Support Administrative and Management work
Lifelong Learning Room 2 rooms 80 seats Operating various lifelong learning programs
Study Room 1 room 30 seats Space for self-study
Director’s Room 1 room    
2F General Material Room 1 room 50 seats Reading and circulation books for adults and children
Toddler’s Material Room 1 room 20 seats Reading specialized books for toddlers and a space with mom and baby
Book Cafe 1 room 20 seats Rest space with books

How to reach us


Library Contact

  • Address : (31960) 12, Seomun-4gil, Haemi-myeon, Seosan-si, Chungnam
  • Tel : 041) 688-0351
  • Fax : 041) 688-2813